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Orphans of Katrina is a vivid, heartfelt journey deep inside the greatest animal rescue in American history.

OToole's acute eye is a sharp witness to the poignant, fragile land where man and animal band together in the ultimate race against time. She exposes this torrid, uncharted world with revealing photos, striking observations, and startling rescue tales. As she walks us through this unfathomed land, she makes a moving plea that we continue to help America's pets, the millions trapped in our nation's unforgiving, overcrowded shelter system.

Orphans of Katrina is an adventure, a historical account, and a celebration of volunteer rescuers -- and the animals we share our world with.
Format: Print Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-615-32916-1, Pages: approx. 255
About the author...

Karen O'Toole was born in the Bronx and grew up in New York. She spent most of her life traveling around the world picking-up languages and speeding tickets. She is a member of the Writers' Guild of America, and garnered the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Nicholl Fellowship for screenwriting.

What people are saying...

Reading Karen's stories of her experience of Katrina, takes one through all human emotions. My heart broke as the little brown dog tried desperately to get to her and be saved, and I sobbed out of relief, when Duchess got her dad back. A dribble of good luck in the middle of chaos and mayhem. It's the rescue world heightened and it brings to light all of what is good... and bad... about this world. It's a must read for anyone who loves animals -- or for anyone who loves life and wants to make it better."
Sylva Kelegian....Actress/Rescuer.....Board member of The Forgotten Dog

Karen O’Toole writes Orphans of Katrina with the authority and passion of one who has lived through a nightmare. Her harrowing, heartbreaking stories and realistic calls for improvement will inspire everyone to prevent another tragedy of animals being left behind, lost, and abandoned in disasters. Thank you, Karen, for telling the truth from the viewpoint of a remarkable women who at great risk to herself threw caution to the wind and followed her heart. A compelling, must-read book for everyone who has ever loved and been loved by an animal."
Allen and Linda Anderson, authors of Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster and cofounders of the Angel Animals Network
Orphans of Katrina is as vivid as any film. Karen's words transported me to the toxic and surreal landscape of an abandoned New Orleans in the weeks after Katrina, and her stories rocked my world with equal parts heartbreak and awe for the heroism of rescuers."
Geralyn Pezanoski, Producer and Director of the award-winning Katrina documentary: MINE.

Karen O’Toole’s Orphans of Katrina is a master’s work describing and capturing the pathos and emotion of the animals displaced by Katrina. Her emotive writing brings us on a roller coaster from heartbreak to absolute joy. Her book communicates an important piece of history with eloquence and truthfulness. A must read for anyone who gives a damn about our furry friends."
Cary Black, author: A Freight Train Screamin’

Orphans of Katrina reveals so many heart-wrenching truths behind Hurricane Katrina and gives a voice to a hidden reality. Karen's first hand account documents both the animals left behind, and the deep human struggle for survival. Her stories pluck the core of our heart strings and bring us closer to our love and compassion for the animals in our own life, and those who suffered in the wake of Katrina. She depicts her vulnerable interactions with the animal kingdom with great honesty, care and love. It's real, courageous and healing - she reminds us to forgive ourselves when she openly forgives herself. It's the kind of book you keep on reading through the tears and laughter. Outstanding! Simply remarkable. A tour de force for the animals, rescuers and survivors."
Ann West Ph.D
Author: Truth From The Source ~ Awakening from Life's Illusions and Limitations


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